Food Irradiation

Food, Cosmetics and Packaging

עיקור תבליניםSor-Van is a leading supplier of high-quality micro-organism-reduction services, offering a choice of gamma and electron beam technologies facilities. Sor-Van can also provide cold storage for frozen products pre and post treatment.

Sor-Van will advise on the most appropriate technology for every product and processing requirements based on the different regulations for food products and packaging in various parts of the world .

Food Ingredients, Herbs and Spices

A very wide range of dry herbs and spices can be processed using irradiation.

Sor -Van will recommend and provide a custom spice decontamination program tailored to the product, and your specific needs, taking account of local regulatory requirements .

Sor-Van offers very low irradiation dose levels, usually less than 1.5 kGy, where only minimal changes occur in nutritional and organoleptic qualities of the product.

Food Packaging

Irradiation of empty packaging is considered to be a manufacturing process and is not covered by regulation, other than those regulations that pertain to the suitability of packaging materials in general.

Sor-Van offers irradiation services to provide safe packaging for : Dairy products, Beverage (juice) and Wine aseptic bags.

Cosmetics and Ingredients

Often formulated from a blend of natural and chemical components, health and beauty aids (HBAs) may become contaminated, resulting in rashes, infection and irritation for the consumer. The use of irradiation to control microorganisms and pests in HBA ingredients and applicators would seem to be straightforward. Unfortunately, the complex and unique properties of the cosmetic formulations crowding today's retail shelves make treatment decisions difficult.

Sor-Van has over three decades of successful experience in the commercial treatment of cosmetics, ingredients and applicators. Sor-Van can provide suitable processes for products such as:

  • Talc
  • Pigments
  • Other Raw Materials

Animal and Pet Foods

Irradiation effectively controls or eliminates microorganisms in animal feeds and is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat feeds for any animal. The irradiation of poultry feed to control Salmonella is approved by FDA (21 CFR § 5 ). 79.40.

Irradiation can eliminate Salmonella and other harmful microorganisms in pet foods and pet treats, making them safer for the pet and its human family owners.